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Noteworthy Literature, announces its online English literature courses for homeschool students for the fall semester. Instructor Leah Bashaw founded Noteworthy Literature in 2014 and believes remote classes are a great opportunity for students to attend classes independently, unrestricted by transportation or location. Additionally, distance learning courses allow students to attend from anywhere, reducing the need for sick days, snow days, and vacations. Remote lessons often work better not only with the student’s schedule, but also with that of their family. These literature and writing lessons are for middle school and high school students who are currently homeschooled, or whose parents are looking for alternative and supplementary lessons for their students. These courses teach both literature and writing.

Bashaw further explains that notable literature:

? teaches classic literature from a variety of time periods and genres through weekly online classes.

? provides one (1) credit hour of English for high school transcripts

? encourages critical thinking about the topic

? allows students to work from various locations

? builds students’ ability to work collaboratively and independently with goals and deadlines

? focuses on skill development rather than grades.

Noteworthy Literature is also designed to develop skills in the following areas:

? MLA formatting

? Works Cited Pages

? Thesis statements

? persuasive writing

?Management of time

? Written comprehension

? Critical analysis

? Independent study

? Collaborative learning

The class format is as follows:

? One (1) distance learning course of 60 minutes per week

? 16 weeks per semester

? Weekly 1:1 office hours for additional support. (Optional)

? Personal comments on each essay

? comprehension quiz

? Interactive discussion

? Continuing education opportunities for additional credit (optional)

? Student update form discussing skills, growth and participation twice per semester.

? Maximum 20 students per class

About the founder:

Leah Bashaw is a homeschool alumnus and earned her Bachelor of Arts in English Literature from The Ohio State University in 2017.

She founded Noteworthy Literature in 2014 and has since taught in the homeschool community, teaches international students, and teaches in the special education and behavioral needs community.

Leah also has experience working with elementary, middle and high school students, specializing in literature and writing and is passionate about helping students find their own voice through writing, and enjoys reading engaging literature that raises questions and sparks ideas.

Bashaw says the expectations for interested students are as follows:

? Come to class after completing your reading assignment

? Engage with peers and instructor during discussion times

? Take notes as needed for essays

? Keep their camera on for the duration of the class

? Sign up for 1:1 meetings when they have additional questions

? Commit to doing your best throughout the class

Books are chosen with the aim of exposing students to a variety of authors and genres. While classic literature often deals with thematic themes, we strive to choose books that question the reader and treat topics with sensitivity, taking into account the age of the reader.

Our lessons are adaptable to a variety of skills, and our goal is to encourage your student as they grow in their skills.

Once enrolled, a student will need a computer with webcam/microphone capabilities, access to create Word documents (Google Docs, Microsoft Word, etc.), and copies of books that will be read in class.

Noteworthy Literature offers a payment plan that will spread the cost of each semester over four months. Parents also have the option of registering for the whole year at a reduced price.

Noteworthy Literature is looking to expand in Fall 2023 with additional class offerings, including days and times, and invites parents to email: [email protected] to be put on the Notable Literature mailing list.

For more information:


E-mail: [email protected]

Website: Notable Literature

Address: 1914 Wythe Street, Columbus, OH 43235

Contact information:
Name: Lea Bashaw
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Organization: Notable Literature
Address: 1914 Wythe Street, Columbus, OH 43235, USA

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