Most Expensive Robert College with $17,750 Annual Fee


As private school administrations began announcing their annual tuition fees, Robert College Istanbul topped the list of “most expensive schools” with annual fees of around 294,000 Turkish liras (17 $750), the daily Milliyet reported.


“Families have to pay close to a fortune to send their children to private schools”, writes the daily on 6 June.

According to the report, the annual tuition fee for Deutsche Schule Istanbul (Alman Lisesi) is around 126,000 lira ($7,607), for Saint Joseph Istanbul around 165,000 lira ($9,960), for Saint Michael Istanbul from around 169,000 lira ($10,200) and for St George’s Austrian High School costs around 105,000 lira ($6,339).

Robert American High School in Istanbul, known as Robert College, remained at the top of the list like last year. In the 2021-22 season, the school’s annual tuition was 130,000 lira ($7,848). Families of students staying at the school dormitory and choosing to pay the full price in 10 installments had to pay a total of 216,000 lira ($13,040).

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan recently said that private schools could raise annual fees by up to 36%.

“In the event of a 36% increase, Robert College tuition would exceed 177,000 lira ($10,686),” the daily said. “Fees for students using the dormitory reached some 294,000 lira.”


Moreover, these figures are “just for education”. The average price for the school bus service is around 12,000 lira ($725), while the average price for the lunch service is almost 20,000 lira ($1,207).

“Unfortunately, some school administrations are breaking the rules,” Özgür Özkan, spokesman for the Private School Parents’ Platform, told the daily.

“Some schools do not enroll a student when parents refuse to accept school transport or catering services,” he added.



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