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Thusday. September 30, 2021

ALBUQUERQUE – After a year of living in shelters and fighting homelessness, a father and four-year-old son have a home thanks to ODA workers and many community partners.

About two months ago, around midnight, a security guard from the Alvarado Transit Center approached Jordan Moenaert, an officer from the downtown public security district, about a father and his child. four year olds who had nowhere to go. There are two shelters that accept fathers with children and neither was available at the time for this family.

At one point, they lived in a van, but it was towed with all of their belongings and documents. Agent Moenaert contacted all available resources and could not find a place for the father and son. Having no other option, the agent took them to a motel and paid for several nights to save time to accommodate them.

Over the next two months, APD’s Public Safety Echo Coordinator worked with various agencies, charities, and churches, and was able to pay to keep them safe at a motel.

Health Care for the Homeless found a housing voucher through the Linkages program and began the process of qualifying the family. They provided motel vouchers for three weeks and the remaining 35 nights were covered by Pay it Forward, First Presbyterian Church, Heading Home – ABQ StreetConnect, individual donors and Father through his motel work.

CABQ Family and Community Services identified other support needs and enrolled the child in a preschool program in the city. The Downtown Community Schools Collaborative helped identify other needed resources.

Businesses and individuals in the downtown community also helped with financial and food donations from Silver Street Market as well as John Marshall Health and Human Services Center.

Through this community effort, agents and staff from the Downtown Public Safety District helped the family move into their new home last week. Donations came from

Catholic social services, agents, staff, donors through Firefighter Random Acts, the downtown community and others to make it a home.

The family will continue in the Linkages program which provides treatment and support along with housing.

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