Opening of the first open-air cinema


2012, 10 years ago

Pastor retires

Reverend Janet Hoover, 221-year-old first female pastor of New Hartford Presbyterian Church, is retiring after 15 years with the parish where she conducted more than 1,000 services, 102 funerals and 74 weddings.

“It’s really hard to leave because I got so close to people and love them so much,” she says. Ann Harris of Utica, a member of the church for 40 years, says, “She has been an outstanding spiritual leader. She will be missed.

The church dates from August 1791 and the participants in the first meeting were Ruth and Solomon Kellogg, Elizabeth and John Tillotson, Salomon Butler, Jotham and Thomas Gaylord, Kirtland Griffin, Joseph Higby, Elias Hopkins, Bildad Merrils, Jonathan Nourse and Ephraim Smith.

Meanwhile, Herkimer ARC welcomes three new board members: Dr. Robert DeCarlo from Herkimer, Stephanie Dyer from Little Falls and Anthony Guerriera from Ilion.

In the American Legion District V baseball playoffs, Fort Schuyler defeated New Hartford, 5-4, behind hitting by Tyler Raux and J.T. Rose and pitching and hitting by Anthony Rose.

The Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra performs at the Stanley Center for the Arts in Utica. JoAnn Falletta conducts and violinist Michael Ludwig is the evening soloist. Before the performance, Falletta greets and meets the concert attendees in Stanley’s Romano Hall.

1997, 25 years ago


The town of Manheim in Herkimer County celebrates its 200th anniversary with a day of farm fun on Timmerman’s Dairy Farm. The city was founded on March 3, 1797 in Montgomery County. Twenty years later it was annexed to Herkimer County. Its first settlers were Jacob Timmerman and Johan Jost Snell.

The Kopernik Memorial Association of Central New York awards scholarships to: Shawn Ciecko of New York Mills, sophomore at the University of Rochester; Agnieszka Ferrens of Jordanville, a student at St. Elizabeth School of Nursing; and Tracey A. Hess, a junior at Utica College.

Five young people are named “Outstanding Young Volunteers” in the Mohawk Valley: Emily Case of Whitesboro High (Hope House), Jessica Celia of Notre Dame High (Faxton Hospital), Christopher Fitzgerald of New York Mills Junior-Senior High (Heritage Home ), Malia Flis of Oriskany High (Heritage Home) and Mary Lou Heinrich of Clinton High (St. Elizabeth Medical Center).

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In American Legion baseball, New Hartford beat Lee, 5-4, Aaron Carper was the winning pitcher and he was backed by hitters Joey LaPolla, Larry Williams, Kevin Cahill, Mike Flannery and Ron Luley. Lee’s best hitters are Jason Luczynski and Bill Halpin. Travis Oliver pitches four innings without a hit.

Utica has 10 new principals and vice principals: Edward Martin Jr. (John F. Kennedy Middle School), Sheila Bellows (Hughes), John Convertino (Martin Luther King Jr.), Gina Esposito (Kernan), Henry Frasca ( Donovan Middle), Edward Keeler (Donovan Middle), Flossie Lomax (Proctor Senior High), Theresa Palmiero (Kennedy Middle), Richard Vendelta (Proctor Senior High), and Karen Kunkel (Columbus).

For years, downtown Utica's

1972, 50 years ago

digital hamilton

Hamilton Digital Controls, on Beechgrove Place in East Utica, made a profit of $220,000 from April 1971 to April 1972. Chairman Martin Pardee says sales for the three-year-old business are now over $1 million and that it holds around 5% of the market for the 20 million computer recording heads sold each year by independent companies.

The Snap Dragons lead the Cinderella Softball League in Utica with a 12-0 record. Players include: Maria Szuba, Marcia Daniels, Ann Renee Joseph, Marlene Palazzo, Donna Taurisano, Linda Martin, Sue Cimino, Natalie Sirianni, Mary Devins, Judy Ricci, Gayle Zegarelli, Caroline Ambrose, Kathy Leone, Lorraine Joslin, Lynne Marchitelli, Debbie Arcuri and Sally Costello. Marie Sirianni is manager and coach.

1947, 75 years ago

First drive-in

The 1,000-car Kallet Theater – the region’s first outdoor drive-in cinema – opens at Cary’s Corner in Marcy. The entrance facing River Road features an 80ft waterfall that drops into a pool where a 14ft statue stands. Tickets are 50 cents for adults and 17 cents for children. The first movie shown on opening night is “Diamond Horseshoe” starring Betty Grable and Dick Haymes.

For years, downtown Utica's

1922, 100 years ago


Utica — among the first cities in the nation to oversee recreation for children at its 15 playgrounds — now has 13 baseball leagues with 68 teams and more than 1,000 players. The program includes girls’ leagues and a clipboard league for boys under 60 pounds.

1897, 125 years ago

Heat wave

Six straight days of over 100 degrees in Utica make the bathhouse across from Faxton Hospital the most popular spot in town. About 400 people a day are at the pond there.

Quiz game

Who was the first American president to fly in an airplane while in office? (The answer will appear here next week.)

Answer to last week’s question: Dwight D. Eisenhower, 34th President of the United States, was the first president allowed to fly an airplane. He went solo on May 19, 1937. He was also the first Texas-born president (in Dennison on October 14, 1890) and the first to dive in an atomic-powered submarine (the Seawolf on September 26, 1957).

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