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Poviet Kaur
Chandigarh: A state advisory council meeting was held to plan structural changes in SAP admissions under the TEN law. It was chaired by Councilor UT. Officials have been urged to speed up reimbursements to private schools for SAP per-student spending. Payment to private schools will be released soon. Instructions were also given to develop an appropriate system to avoid such delays in payment.
It was also decided that there should be uniformity in the EWS admission process across schools at UT, Chandigarh. For this, the education department will study the practices and procedures followed by the government of Maharashtra and the neighboring states of Haryana, Punjab and Delhi for the admission procedures of the economically weakest section. It was also decided that the admission process in all schools will be controlled online from the next session. Thanks to this system, all admissions in the EWS category will be controlled.
Instructions have been issued to make some changes to the income certificate used for admission. The advisor asked the Deputy Commissioner’s office to review the certificates of income issued for the EWS category. This is to ensure that only deserving people benefit and that no one gets fake certificates made.

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