State High Court to rule on appeal of school voucher vote measure


LAS VEGAS (KTNV) – Allowing you to redirect your taxes when it comes to your child’s education.

Will school vouchers be on the November ballot for voters to decide? The highest court in the state decides whether you can decide in November.

Ensure a well-trained workforce in Nevada. Two camps sharing the same goal but with radically different views on how to achieve it. Some think that school vouchers can help.

“I believe that every family should have the freedom to be able to direct the education of each of their children according to their individual needs.”

Erin Phillips, president of the Education Freedom for Nevada PAC wants to give parents the public funds to attend a private school. She thinks Nevada’s public education system, which is consistently ranked among the lowest in the nation, has let many students down.

“We can do something different, and we can have something that’s been proven in other states that will actually educate our kids,” she said.

The PAC is asking the Nevada Supreme Court to allow them to continue collecting signatures to get a school voucher ballot measure before voters in November. Proponents say the vouchers would be equal to 90% of per-student funding in the state or about $7,000 over the next school year. Opponents of the measure say it is not a wise investment.

“We’re talking about a hit of $300 million a year, so you can only imagine what that’s going to do for our per-pupil funding in our traditional public schools and our charter schools.”

Amanda Morgan of Educate Nevada Now thinks the voucher program will deepen inequities among all private school students who don’t face the same regulatory scrutiny as public schools. Morgan says they cannot help students from economically disadvantaged families.

“When they end up in these voucher programs, they usually do the same or worse in the private school setting, especially in subjects like math,” she said.

The Nevada Supreme Court is expected to issue a decision as early as Thursday. If the court rules in favor of the PAC, it has until June 29 to obtain the required signatures to vote.


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